Our inaugural exhibition is dedicated to FASHION, presenting more than 40 photographs by three world-famous photographers: Albert Watson, Bastiaan Woudt and Kristian Schuller. The exhibition displays each artist on a separate floor, illustrating the theme of fashion in their own visual language.


One floor features Albert Watson, one of the world's most important living photographers, whose striking images have appeared on hundreds of covers of Vogue and whose images have been exhibited in museums and galleries worldwide and are included in prominent collections. Both, icons and photographs that have never been exhibited before, such as “Maggie Maurer in Giambattista Valli, Paris”published in the December Issue of Vogue Portugal, are part of the selection.


Bastiaan Woudt, who is best known for his masterful portraiture, in which he gives his subjects a delicate, sculptural look, is presented on another floor. His work is minimalistic and inspired by the great masters of 50s, 60s and 70s photography. He honours this era while exploring how modern methods can elevate the style of today. With his charcoal tones and elegant compositions, his photography feels like stepping into a modern painting.


The top floor is dedicated to the photographs by Kristian Schuller. His images capture the colours, the exuberance, the fantasy, glamour and brightness. Schuller loves to tell stories and wants to transport the viewer into his extravagantly staged fairy tales and colourful worlds.