Derrick Ofosu Boateng


Derrick Ofosu Boateng (Ghana, 1999) is a young artist who started in photography through social media and with much support from his father, who gifted Boateng with an iPhone in a gesture of endorsement of his artistic talent. This device is still used by the artist for the flexibility it enables when capturing daily scenes in Boateng’s hometown, Accra. The explosion of colours and textures in the works send a direct message on shifting the negative mainstream perception of African societies towards an understanding of the boasting liveliness and the energetic creativity of the cultural landscapes in the continent. Derrick Boateng actively commits with presenting a positive overview, opposite to the general media, of the people represented in his pictures, along with their pride and beauty. Despite his recent artistic practice, in 2021 Derrick Boateng won the Global Peace Photo Award. He has also participated in exhibitions and art fairs in London, Basel, Paris, Miami, Amsterdam, and Brussels. His work was also commissioned for a public art exhibition at St James’s Market Pavilion in London, as well as for the album’s cover of internationally acclaimed rapper Common.